Sunday, March 14, 2010

the fairy tale initiative

I've put together a theory: all great adventures, begin with one even greater tumble.

From what I can tell, the general plot line for any tale actually begins once the protagonist has plummeted, in some way, to presumably impending doom. Immediately following this fall comes a sense of isolated confusion. Most people around the clumsy character seem to understand fully the world around them while reacting to him/her as if he/she is actually just insane. After an intense search for any sort of normalcy, the protagonist somehow stumbles upon one person who either believes the babble or at least feels the need to help. This could be a motherly/fatherly figure, an old friend or - my favorite scenario - the soul mate. Usually the character ends up settling into the lifestyle of whatever they have fallen into so well that he/she decides it is where they should stay. Sometimes it's a way to see how his/her life should really be spent. Regardless of the outcome, it almost always leads to the glorious "happily ever after."

Am I exaggerating the amount of stories that begin with such a goofy special effect as someone spinning around in a watery, glittery substance until he/she crashes into a new reality? Probably. However, here are a few.

17 Again
Kate & Leopold
The Santa Clause
It's a Wonderful Life
The Pagemaster (didn't really fall into anything, but close enough)
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
A Kid in King Arthur's Court
Peggy Sue Got Married (again, she only fainted, but she fell)
The Land of the Lost
Alice in Wonderland

OK I know there are more. But I've exhausted my current knowledge of them.

The point is, I think I'm going to start looking for swirly water and mysterious rabbit holes.

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  1. Is this just an observation or is it self reflective?