Friday, July 3, 2009

a new chapter

i'm starting a different blog because the old one... well it had a lot of BS on it. to be blunt.
my attitude confuses me. i think i'm supposed to be the cynical optimist. who really cares though.

i worked a lot today. but tomorrow is ALL PLAY! i can't wait. i've needed to unleash for a while now and i finally get to. hoorays.

i've made new friends and i like them. adam and nick and mason and chelsea. mainly. i know i hate wal mart. but at least there's something good coming out of it.

lately, i want to just be an actress. i want to have new accents every day and pretend. i want to wear clothes that i would never wear and have kissing scenes in the rain. you know, the stuff that never happens in real life.

so that's all for now.