Sunday, February 28, 2010

messengers send messages...?

There once was a girl who loved words. She loved words so much that she used them all the time. She said them. She wrote them. She sang them. The only thing she didn't do was make them up. Some people think they can make words up. Examples of such made-up words are as follows: supposably, expecially, anyways, anything that has the prefix of "shiz."

The girl who loved words did not love these people. But she chose to tolerate them anyway.

Sometimes people thought she was silly for loving words. They said things like, "Those words will never love you back." This only made the girl laugh because it was untrue. Words were the only thing that loved her back in the same way she loved them. It was, in fact, the greatest give-and-take relationship she had ever been in.

So, she decided to love them forever. They remain in love and plan on living a long and happy life.

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